Over the past few days, legal requirements limiting group sizes ("mass gatherings") have gotten smaller and health professionals recommendations regarding social distancing measures have tightened.  This is making it harder and harder to justify continuing our regular Rotary del Sol meetings under the present circumstances.  The President has recommended no meetings larger than 10 people, some cities are literally moving ahead with "shelter in place" orders, etc.  
Therefore, with regret, I have decided to place our regular RDS meetings on "hold."  
We shall continue to watch and evaluate, and be flexible, however.  I obviously want to return to regular meetings ASAP.  Hopefully, the collective actions of the country over the next few weeks will pay off and we can flatten the curve of transmission.
Now, this does not mean that we all MUST stay home.  Depending on your personal preferences, please consider patronizing Jimmy's and other local establishments.  They need our help and support right now.   In addition to small groups of Rotarians gathering for breakfast at Jimmy's on Thursdays (or any other time), here are some other things you can do:
  • Purchase a gift card from Jimmy's and your other favorite local shops and restaurants.
  • Buy Local online and offline – purchase merchandise, look for local ecommerce websites, shop for cookies, salsa, chile, beans, beer, wine and other goods at local businesses.
  • Order take-out and delivery from local restaurants and consider tipping more than usual.
Thanks. We'll continue communications via email and other digital means.