Posted by James Morrison on Nov 05, 2017
Greetings Del Sol,
Old, but great polio news:  1988 - 350,000 cases ,  last year 2016 - only 37!

Challenge today:  5-10% children not yet immunized.
James Morrison and John Heck will cycle with 100+ Rotarians from Rotary International, Rotarians representing 40+ clubs in the USA and around the world.  On November 18, in Tucson AZ, we will raise money for Miles to End Polio in the El Tour de Tucson cycling event.  We will be joined by 9,000+ riders representing more than 50 different charities.
1) Please join us by cycling with a friend, family members, a walk around the block, watch a youtube video of someone riding a bike or just think about cycling!  It doesn’t matter. You get the point. 
2) Then go to and    Contribute Now   .  Your donation goes directly to Rotary International, is tax deductible and will be matched $2 for $1 by the Bill & and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Make sure to login with MyRotary account for tax receipts if needed.
It’s easy enough.
We must keep polio in the cross hairs until it is gone forever!
Thanks for your support,
James Morrison & John Heck