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Our speaker this Thursday will be Caillin Murray, Volunteer Coordinator for Meals on Wheels (MOW) in Albuquerque. 


The club has activity supported MOW since 2016. Currently, there are four Club Members who deliver meals for MOW - Kit Turpen, Ed Robertson, Robert Brown, and Bruce Bortner. At one point we had 6 or 7 Rotarians participating, but the numbers have gradually decreased, so each of us delivers about one time per month. But, with just 4 participants, it's more difficult to fill vacancies if one of us can't make their delivery. Recently Robert Brown spoke with one of our new members, Cindy Chavez, and she has indicated she would like to join us. Meanwhile, MOW has lost its Thursday/Friday driver for the same route we cover on Tuesdays, so we thought we'd have them make a pitch to the club to see if we could get enough interest to set up another delivery team which would deliver on either Thursday or Friday. So, Caillin said she would be delighted to speak to the club about the success RDS has had with MOW over the last 6 years and what the impact has been to MOW.