The Rotary Del Sol (RDS) Club with the New Mexico Ramp Project built 46 ramps for disabled individuals in the Albuquerque metropolitan
area and partner support because the need is great.

Generally on the 2nd Thursday of each month club members met at the New Mexico Ramp Project (NMRP) warehouse to build
modules that were used on the following Saturday to build the ramp.

Rotary Del Sol (RDS) and its partners built eight (8) ramps in New Mexico during the last eight months and the average materials
cost for a ramps was $1,151.78. RDS paid $4,607.10 for materials to build 4 ramps which exhausted all grant funds. The additional
funds ($741.10) were made available by RDS. 4 ramps were built with RDS partners who paid for the materials and RDS provided
all the volunteers.