Albuquerque Del Sol
United States of America

Our very own Kit and Toni Turpen will be in the cast of White Christmas, which will be playing at the Rodey Theater at the University of New Mexico. Showtime is 7:30.  Kit has informed us that if we buy more than ten tickets, we will get a discount off of the regular price $21.50.

Ed will be contacting M'Tucci's which has opened a new location at 3222 Central Ave. SE to see what the available seating will be for December 2nd between 5:00 and 5:30. Many of you may remember this was the location of Kelly's and is across the street from Two Fool's Pub. 

The play and the dinner are separate so if you would like to go to the play but not dinner or vice versa, that will work.

When Ed gets a solid head count for the theatre tickets, he will purchase them through Kit and have attendees reimburse him. The meal will be paid for directly by you at the restaurant.

Please let Ed know no later than Wednesday, November 23rd, next Wednesday, how many tickets you would like and how many would like to go to dinner. You can call, text or email him.

Ed Robertson