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Rotarian Build 46 Ramps and Counting...

The Rotary Del Sol (RDS) Club with the New Mexico Ramp Project built 46 ramps for disabled individuals in the Albuquerque metropolitan
area and partner support because the need is great.

Generally on the 2nd Thursday of each month club members met at the New Mexico Ramp Project (NMRP) warehouse to build
modules that were used on the following Saturday to build the ramp.

Rotary Del Sol (RDS) and its partners built eight (8) ramps in New Mexico during the last eight months and the average materials
cost for a ramps was $1,151.78. RDS paid $4,607.10 for materials to build 4 ramps which exhausted all grant funds. The additional
funds ($741.10) were made available by RDS. 4 ramps were built with RDS partners who paid for the materials and RDS provided
all the volunteers. 
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Welcome New Board!

New Rotary Board Installed
On July, 1, 2021 at the Morning Meeting for all Del Sol Rotarians, Brad Ekhoff and his board for the 2021-2022 Rotary year were inducted by Mark Tobiasen and Donette Wagner.  Officers  and Committee Chairs for the new Rotary year are:
President: Brad Ekhoff,
Past-President: Ed Robertson,
President-Elect: Jeff Weinrach,
Vice-President: Herman Haase,
Club Secretary: Davis Riordan,
Treasurer: John Gordon,
Membership: Kit Turpen,
Rotary Foundation: Ron Hensley,
Club Administration: Dave Simon,
Club Service: Chris Van Dyck,
New Generations: Jeff Faulwell,
Governors Ball Chair: Tony Pino
Satellite Co-Chairs: Jeff Weinrach and Dan Wilkinson
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Welcome New 21-22 Del Sol Board

On July 1 Rotary Del Sol held its Installation of Officers, Directors and Committee Chairs for the 2021-2022 Rotary year. Incoming President Brad Ekhoff presided and thanked outgoing President Ed Robertson for his service during the difficult year of Covid-19.
  It was a Club Assembly during which the Officers and Directors for the 2020-2021 Rotary Year were Installed. Mark Tobiassen, District 5520 Assistant Governor and  Donette Wagner, District 5520  District Executive Secretary assisted in the Installation.
They Officers and Committee Chairs are:
President: Brad Ekhoff
Past President: Ed Robertson
Vice President: Herman Haase 
President-Elect: Jeff Weinrach
Secretary: Davis Riordan
Treasurer: John Gordon
Satellite Group Co-Chairs: Jeff Weinrach and Dick Wilkinson
Public Image Committee Chair: Meredith Eisenberg/Herman Haase
Membership Committee Chair: Kit Turpen
Service Committee Chair: Chris Van Dyck
Club Administration Chair: Dave Simon 
Rotary Foundation Chair: Ron Hensley
New Generations Chair: Jeff Faulwell
Governors Ball Chair: Tony Pino
Sgt. At Arms: Various Members
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Rotary Del Sol Recognized By Rotary Foundation

Rotary del Sol was recently recognized as one of the #3 club in the District for giving to the Rotary Foundation.   
We were one of only 4000 clubs worldwide with a 100% member participation rate. 
The Rotary Foundation funds projects locally (like our Navaho Hope project which delivered dozens of semi's filled with food and supplies to the Navajo Nation) and internationally.  
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Rotarians Build Ramps for Seniors

Our second ramp pre build and build took place on Thursday and Saturday this week.

Those at the pre build were Greg Hallstrom, Tony Pino, Ed Robertson as well as Doug Rowley, NM Ramps Chairman, and Mr. Reyes with the City of Albuquerque Senior Affairs Department. The pre build took about 3 hours.

The on site ramp build began at 7:00 AM and was finished by 1:00 PM.

Those in attendance were Michael McCaffrey, Dick Wilkinson, Lance Ellis and son Darrin, Brad Sackett and son Scott, Greg Hallstrom, Ed Robertson, Doug Rowley and Mr. Reyes.

This project was a little more involved because an old ramp had to be demolished before we could install a new one.

It was a great day and everyone left the job site with a real sense of accomplishment and thankful that a grandmother’s life was going to improve because of the work.
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Congratulations Christine Glidden

Congratulations to Christine Glidden who was chosen as this quarter's Rotary Del Sol Rotarian of the quarter for her role in spearheading a massive food and supply campaign for the Navajo Nation communities affected by Covid-19.

The project has involved Rotary chapters and other organizations form throughout New Mexico and the United States. She also was instrumental in our district getting a $25,000 grant from Rotary International to help meet the growing needs in the area.

Click here to donate to the Navajo Covid effort


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Thank You To Our Healthcare Heroes

This week, Rotary del Sol began a new club service project to donate food to front line health/medical workers at UNM Hospital and Presbyterian Hospitals (Downtown and Kaseman).  Thank you to our healthcare heroes!  This project is a partnership between RDS and Jimmy’s Cafe and Cinnabon, two restaurants owned by Club member Steve Reynolds.

RDS will donate food to the hospitals on Tuesday and Wednesday each week.  Attached are photos of Club President Dave Simon and Vice-President John Heck making our first deliveries today. 
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The Del Sol Rotary Club is now meeting by Zoom.  We are alternating Monday evening and Thursday morning meetings.  Check our newsletter or meeting times and zoom links.
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On June 20  at the Regular Club Meeting the 2019-2020 Board was inducted.  Officers for the next Rotary year are:
Dave Simon, President
Ed Robertson-President Elect
Dacia Card-Past President
John Heck-Vice President
Herman Haase-Secretary
John Gordon-Treasurer
Nic Baker-Club Administration
Barrie Segall-Membership
Doreen Kelsey-Rotary Foundation
Meredith Eisenberg-Public Relations
Chris Van Dyck-Club Service
Jeff Faulwell-New Generations
Jeff Weinrach and Brent Melville-Satellite-Co-Chairs


Tony Pino and Dacia Card presenting the check from our signature fundraiser - the 16th Annual NM Governors Charity Ball to the Children's Grief Center and The Coalition To Prevent Child Sexual Abuse. The two charities split the proceed with the Del Sol Rotary Foundation.

The event raised a record amount of money and had a record number of attendees. #RotaryMakesADifference. Thank you everyone for helping us make a difference in the lives of New Mexico Children.

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This year's New Mexico Governors Charity Ball was our most successful ever.

According to Tony Pino - the event co-chair:

This year's Charity Ball the biggest success ever. We broke several records:
1. Most attendees
2. Largest number of sponsors
4. Largest number of dignitaries
5. Most raised at auctions

And, finally, most money ever raised- $140,000 (estimate) and climbing

Thanks to all of you who made this possible. You should feel very proud of our accomplishments.


Rotary Member Helps Fight Polio in India

During late January-early February, Rotary Del Sol Club member Dave Ring served as part of a Rotary delegation from the U. S. and Canada aiding Indian Rotarians in their annual Polio Eradication Week.  While India has been officially polio free since 2012, keeping the world's second most populous country that way requires major ongoing effort.  During his time there, Dave met with hundreds of Indian Rotarians, helped inoculate many precious infants, and enjoyed the side-benefit of visiting the Taj Mahal, one of this world's seven man-made wonders.  He'll be taking our club on a whirlwind remembrance of that trip this Thursday morning.
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Black Entrepreneurs Panel

Mike Silva, Jewll Powdrell and Chad Cooper joined us for an inspiring meeting in February. They were part of a panel of African American entrepreneurs who shared their stories of how mentors in Albuquerque helped them to succeed.
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Posted by James Morrison on Oct 04, 2018
It's NOT the Ride to End pollo...that would be chicken! It's polio! My actual riding experience regarding the Ride to End poLLo, instead of polio would be more humorous if did not illustrate the problem we have keeping it on the world radar screen.  
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15th Annual Governors Charity Ball

Fire and Ice was the Theme for the Rotary Del Sol Governors Ball held April 7, 2018 at Sandia Resort and Casino.  500 people attended the ball which was very successful and enjoyed by all those who attended. Monies raised from the Ball were distributed to New Mexico Boys and Girls Ranches, El Rancho De Los Ninos, Prosperity Works and the Rotary Del Sol Foundation in keeping with the Clubs purpose of supporting New Mexico Children's Charities.
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Watermelon Ranch Community Service Project

Del Sol Rotarians get the job done.
Over two weekends,  Rotary del Sol worked to create a new walkway for volunteers to walk pets at Watermelon Ranch, a local no-kill shelter.   The project also helped us to raise money for Governor's Charity Ball auction items through a grant from DIsney.  
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